learning with team umizoomi

Learn mighty math powers and a whole lot more with Team Umizoomi!

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Math is everywhere, so every episode of Team Umizoomi is filled with everyday math problems that kids can solve with a little help from Milli, Geo, and Bot. Team Umizoomi was designed to help kids develop their skills with and to build their confidence in problem solving and important early-math concepts.

Math (Counting, Measurement, Comparison)

Every math problem encountered is an interactive opportunity for children to engage in and be appropriately challenged by math. Preschoolers will have the ability to learn important mathematical concepts such as counting, measurement, and comparison by interactive participation with Team Umizoomi. Milli, Geo, and Bot's mathematical adventures invite exciting mathematical opportunities. The team can be in a boat race counting who is coming first, second, and third. Or they may be in the subway counting out Umidollars to buy a subway pass. Or they may measure the temperature of the water in a sea horse exhibit. Team Umizoomi also uses math language as they analyze problems, compute equations, and measure and compare items.

Patterns & Shapes

Patterns and shapes are important preschool math concepts, and as part of the show, each character embodies these concepts. Milli's chameleon-like dress changes into whatever pattern she likes, and Geo matches shapes using his Shape Belt to build with. Preschoolers may be asked to complete a pattern or compare and contrast shapes, in order to complete the next step in their mathematical adventure.

Self-Image & Math Confidence

With an early understanding and appreciation of mathematics, preschoolers will gain the confidence to solve any and every math problem that comes their way, in the show, and in their lives! Learning such useful mathematical concepts is essential for both the overall development of children and their future learning of math. Milli's spunky and smart character strengthens the image that girls can excel at math and shows that gender does not prevent one from liking and knowing how to use math. Geo's character shows that geometry is as important as numbers and data. Team Umizoomi's encouragement--and your preschooler's involvement--will motivate them to further engage in these concepts in their play and daily life.
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